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Our Poodle are AKC Rgistered from Healthy, Top Quality

(What's included.....Registered, Current vaccinations, Veterinarian examination, Health certificate, Health guarantee.)

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Here you can find the highest quality pets raised here in our home. We are happy you have decided to expand your family and hope we can help you get the pet that best suits you and your family. Our mission is to educate potential pet owners as much as we can to make the best decisions about owning Poodle Puppies. We are breeders and private owners of many Poodle puppies with over 12 years of experience in handling and caring for these very special animals. Not only will we sell you animals of the highest quality, we will also provide you with a basic care package with guidelines on how to feed, care for, and socialize your new baby properly. We will always be available to help you with any questions or concerns you have about your new family member. Please feel free to contact us at any time..


  • => NUTRITION**
  • => Health Certificate
  • => De worming
  • => Shots- to date
  • => Registration Papers - Dog Training
  • => Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee
  • => AKC Papers

    Considering the little babies-Pet are like kids and babies to us , they are worth priceless and money cant buy them , so the little we are charging is for their upbringing - feeding and vaccines we provide for them our main initiatives are not making money-Profit out of them but finding the best and most comfortable home for them.

    We are very proud as to how we raise our puppies. They are so delicate and fragile, impressionable and special. We do not lock them in cages and forget about them. We do not ignore them til they are ready to go to a new home. We love our puppies and have so much fun with each litter. My kids cry each time one leaves still! When a litter is expected, mother is kept in her 'bed' crate in the room with us while we closely monitor her actions, temp, and mood. When her temp drops, or her actions tell us she is close she is moved into the bathroom with a special delivery bed lined with clean puppy pads. Puppy pads are changed after the birth of each puppy to ensure the pups are kept clean and sanitary. In the summer we run our air so that our home doesn't get to hot and for the dogs. Fresh food and water is there for her and a puppy pad is put out 'just in case' she can't wait to go outside. That makes them stronger, friendlier, more outgoing, confident, and makes the transition to your home easier since all they need to get used to is your new family! Kenneled dogs don't get this. I hope you enjoy your site. If you have any suggestions on how I could make it better feel free to drop me a note. I am always open for feedback..

    Please enjoy browsing our site where you will definitely see that our Poodle are pawsitively a paw above the rest!!!

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    Our New Addition We would like to introduce our new addition here at Sky Santisha Chantilly lace for Sky aka Porsha Sire Ch Santosha Sandcastle Dam Santosha Song Diva. Many thanks to sue and David at Santosha.



    If your circumstances change and you can no longer care for your Poodle baby ,you must return them to us and we will refund your money and we will find them another new home.**NEVER MUST ONE OF MY DOGS BE SURRENDERED TO A SHELTER FOR ANY REASON** !!
    We Do Best What We Do, Breeding Pure Healthy Poodle Puppies
    Special discount on present litter up to 50% off the initial pricing. (Limited offers)